Who wants to hack you?

At first glance, they are people who have a big empty wallet and want to fill it with your money.
I will not talk about the numbers on victims, other articles will do better than me. Just that victims number in the tens of millions worldwide and the financial losses of Banks are in the order of ten or even hundreds of billions of dollars each year.
So we are talking about cyber-threats, cybercrime, crimeware. Formerly, it’s not so old, the to and viruses spread with the sole purpose of destroying files. Today, cybercriminals seek to appropriate the money of others without their consent. To arrive at their purposes, they use sophisticated software and techniques that we will detail below.
Where do the attacks come from? Against all odds, the United States seems to have the most of cyber-criminals with more than 20 million attacks in 2008. In China they are more 7
millions of computers then come the countries of Central America and Brazil. Attacks coming
Eastern countries are increasingly virulent and above all, safe from international prosecution.
Indeed, these countries (Ukraine and Russia) are full of companies manufacturing this malware and sell them to the pirates of the rest of the world with prohibition to attack Russia or Ukraine, otherwise,
the police will have reasons to sue them.